Lesson Policy


We accept Checks or Cash or our online system

Online is from checking or savings accounts to our accounts- WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!

“PAY NOW” button on our website

Chase QUICKPAY Send payment to: trillionequestrian@yahoo.com

 All lessons sold in 4 weeks min or more.

Lessons are paid the 1st day of each lesson .  This is a week package not a monthly package as some weeks contain 5 weeks.

A schedule of due dates is posted in office or ask instructor. We do not extend your lessons to additional weeks if you miss- only 1 makeup -but no proration!

 If a lesson is not paid on Due date a 15.00 Late fee will apply EACH WEEK past due. If past due at the 3rd lessons the lesson will be suspended and not performed until session is paid including the late fees or you can loose your spot.  It will be required 8 sessions paid at that time.

 Missed lessons: All students are allowed to miss 1 lesson per 4 sessions or 2 lessons per 8 sessions paid. Please allow 24 hrs notices for any missed lesson, unless the child is sick, please call 1 hour before lessons.  If less than 1 hour notice is received the lesson will count! If we do not receive a call the lessons will count as a NO SHOW and you will be charged. Please call the office or text instructor- office number

Late Arrival; If a student arrives late for their lesson time, time will be deducted from the ride time to keep the next student on schedule. If a student arrives 15 min late, the lesson will be lost and student will not have time to ride. 


Vacation: Please pay for your package before you leave to hold your spot or you will loose that spot. If you miss more than 1 lesson in your package for vacation this counts. If the package is not paid prior to leaving the spot can be filled with another student.

 Make-Up Policy: - Please schedule your make-up lessons with your instructor. Make-ups must be completed within the 4 or 8 weeks. Makeups will be done at instructor’s availability and you may have to ride more than once in a week. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE PRIVATES for makeups, it may be group. You may substitute a lesson for a practice ride. If you schedule a make-up and cancel or do not show up, you loose that lesson. 

Makeup availability is limited due to our schedule being full so please work with the instructors schedule. 

NO REFUNDS are given from Trillion Equestrian. WE do not offer any refunds of any kind. Please make sure the commitment you are making works for your lifestyle. 



Your check or cash deposits hold your day and time slot, so please be on time.

Thank you and Happy Riding!





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